Bio Technologies LLC

The company "BioTechnologies" was founded in 2012 to carry out a large-scale project "SUNFLOWER PROTEIN. High-tech production of oilseed protein concentrate". The core idea of the project is to launch the production of feed ingredients with high content of protein for livestock and poultry. 

Within the next 5 years the Company is planning to build 4 deep sunflower processing plants in Russia and 1 in Europe. 

It was decided to run the pilot project in the Altai Republic. The plant with an annual output of 6.3 thousand tonnes (metric tons) of high-quality protein concentrate will be launched in Q4 2014. The second plant with an output of 25 thousand tonnes will be built in Bobrov, Voronezh Region. The production is set to launch in 2016. The Tatarstan Republic was picked for the construction of the third plant. The production with properties similar to the one in Voronezh will be located in the Industrial Park “Chistopol” and launched in 2017.

The main team of the project

Alexander German

Alexander German – the initiator of the project, the main stakeholder, general director (CEO) of "BioTechnology" 

The main task is strategic and operational management of the company. 

Achievements in the project: the project idea, the elaboration and selection of technology partners, technology development, solicitation of start-up budjet into the project, the integrated team management, strategy development for the replication of the project. 

Significant projects in his career: he was promoted  from a senior engineer at the service station VAZ to shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of JSC "BiyskEnergo" , he created the first dealership «BMW-Siberia" and «Honda», opened four-star hotel "Park-Hotel Graal" , which has become a tourist attraction and hospitality standard in Kuzbass. In 2006, he launched a development project: an elite category cottage village "Serebryany bor", with an area of 37,000 sq.m. with 100 houses and developed infrastructure. A successful businessman Alexander German, as a result of an active search for new ideas of creation his own production, in summer, 2012 created a federal company LLC "Bio-Technology", with the major project "Protein Russia." 

Education: Kuzbass Technical University, specialty - automobiles and automobile business.  


Nikita Golikov – Commercial Director 

Main objectives: management of commercial service, market launch of project products, development of dealer networks, search of new export markets and trade channels, development and optimization of logistic schemes of product supplies abroad, a sales office and a complex of actions forming to promote products and increase sales, pricing policy development, determination of product lines at market, basic researches of the product line.

Career achievement: experience in marketing and sales fields from a sales representative to a head of department, wide experience in the field of international commercial links including creation of foreign dealer networks and direct supervision of it, construction and maintenance of export activities of companies, creation of cooperation with foreign manufactures, labor activities in the foreign company (TEMAC, a.s.) thereto related management of sales office, creation of foreign dealer networks and synergy with Russian companies.

Education: Volgograd State Technical University, Bachelor Honours Degree of Economy faculty, Specialist Honours Degree by the assignment of International marketing.



Liubov Bobrova - Deputy General Director, Project manager in the Republic  of Altai 

Main objectives: project implementation management in Altai Republic.

Career achievement: 30 years of managerial experience in industrial enterprises (Concentrating factory "Koksovaya", the Russian Independent Trade Union of Coal Industry Workers in Prokopyevsk), in the sphere of hotel and construction industry (Graal Park Hotel 4*, "Silver Pine Forest" elite cottage settlement). Experience of managing with collective more than 100 people.


Education: Kuzbass Polytechnical Institute, specialty – Mineral Processing; Kuzbass State Technical University, specialty – Economics and Management at Mining and Geological Exploration Company.


Anton Gavriluk  – Production Director

Main tasks: process parameters control, compliance with sanitation and epidemiological standards, incoming raw materials and final products quality control, laboratory research focused on process optimization.

Career achievements: manufacturing and commissioning of units for line coal tar pitch synthesis in the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Science, synthesis and analysis of carbon molecular separators, development of physical and chemical methods of analysis , including EPR spectroscopy,  chromatography-mass spectrometry, pycnometry, calorimetry, spectrophotometry.

Education: Kemerovo State University, Department of Chemistry, Degree in Chemistry
Additional education:  Kemerovo State University, Degree in Teaching.